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Health products – investing in the future.

The modern generation of 30-year-olds is called “young older people”. Such a name people in the bloom of their strength result from sitting office work, and the number of active forms of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, whose number is growing from year to year. Given that people often turn to doctors not because of prophylactic measures, but with severe pain, this leads to complicated and difficult forms of musculoskeletal disorders. It can be argued that the skeleton is the main determinant of health. There is a direct relationship between spinal disorders and internal organ diseases. One of the most important elements in the treatment of postural disorders is the use of orthopedic products.

Health products

The company “Rehabilitmed” – the leader of the Ukrainian market in the development and production of orthopedic medical products. The company’s goal is to produce high quality orthopedic products are not inferior in their consumer characteristics known foreign analogs. Application for the production of high quality materials, mainly natural and attention to details of finishing and cutting, is a hallmark of TM “Reabilitimed” products. Our task is to speed up treatment and rehabilitation as efficiently and comfortably as for a patient and a doctor.

Stable, systematic work of all company experts and advice from doctors – orthopedists, neurologists, surgeons, sports physicians, rehabilitation, possible in a relatively short time to develop and implement a wide range of products corset-narrow product groups, for upper and lower limbs, as well as the cervical spine . Thus, by “Reabilitimed” developed by orthopedic posture correction with “Ortotest” OT-1B (www.reabilitimed.com.ua) from leading orthopedic surgeons, including the best companies in European manufacturers of orthopedic products. Against the background of the limited posture muscular function of the natural corset, take circles anatomically correct position. Regular use eliminates scoliosis, kyphosis and kyphoscoliosis, creating a natural healthy posture, so it is very effective during convalescence after trauma, unstable fractures and post-operative complications.

For people whose occupation is associated with long loads on the spine, lumbar braces (adaptive orthopedic adaptations on the back of the “Lumbo” type and “Industry” type) were developed. The desired orthopedic devices for the back and athletes, thanks to the ability to remove the loads from the spine during strength training, preventing movement of disks and elevated vertebrae.

The company has developed a range of products used in traumatology. They help to minimize the use of plaster bandages or eliminate them completely, replacing rigid tires or limberies of joint mobility, using the latest achievements of global practice in the field of orthopedic products.

Our own production and close cooperation with doctors allows us to constantly improve and expand the range of products, we do not stop at the results achieved and we continue to closely monitor the development of the global orthopedic products market.

The use of a set of magnetic elements, provides an additional therapeutic effect, there are clear analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, which speeds up the rehabilitation process several times.

In addition, the range of orthopedic products is complemented by orthopedic mattresses and pillows made with special technologies of modern elements. Such products contribute to the correct spine position during sleep, which promotes health, eliminating the main cause of headaches and discomfort in the neck and lower back. The use of the cushion on the back allows you to unload the lumbar spine, which makes it less tired and people feel comfortable.

Recently, the company along with orthopedic products also offers medical compression products of the “SOLOVENTEX” brand (www.reabilitimed.com.ua), produced on technologically advanced German equipment using high quality imported raw materials. As a model, the analogies of the products of the best European producers were taken into account, which enjoy high demand on the world market. The wide mesh fabric allows every buyer to make a perfect choice, regardless of the structure of the character and age.

The compression fabric provides soft tissue of the legs and walls of the vein with uniform pressure (compression), under the influence of which narrows the vein light and increases the rate of venous blood flow from the legs to the heart.

Medical products developed and developed by the company have been tested on the basis of the Ukrainian Center for Scientific and Practical Emergency Medicine and Disaster Medicine in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and recommended by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Orthopedists, neurologists, traumatologists, surgeons, family and athletics are actively cooperating with us today.

In 2016, the company’s quality management system was certified in accordance with the international standard ISO 13485: 2003. Certificate АТ-00218/0, issued by the Quality Austria certification body.

Health is the basis of every person’s life. Thanks to modern medical technologies it is much easier to take care of your health. The active use of our company’s products in our practice significantly accelerates the process of patient rehabilitation, due to its quality and functionality.

We wish you all health and well-being!